Arnold Schwarzenegger's Return to the Big Screen

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assemblyman Joel And...

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He couldn't stay away from the silver screen for long. After being King of
California for nearly eight years, Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to take on a
new role.

Schwarzenegger is currently working on a deal with Lionsgate for a screenplay
titled The Last Stand, and according to insiders, he's not far from committing
to the project.

Schwarzenegger would play the main character of the story, a small-town sheriff
who tries to stop a drug lord from fleeing to the Mexican border.

Screenwriter Andrew Knauer wrote the original spec script. Knauer eloquently
described the concept to HOLLYSCOOP as "awesomeness meets badassery."

Sounds right up Arnold's alley.
The world has been waiting for Arnold's first major post-office role, and it
sounds like The Last Stand has "comeback" written all over it.
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