Addi fool we again; but careful wha yu eat!

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Bwoy Addi, you learn from the best. You pull a Beenie Man pon wi fi get a
headline. Bout people splice up di song and mek it look like seh you eat unda di
table. But mout seh a yu same one splice up di ting cause you know seh the media
a go swoop dung pon it like dead meat. Cause, fi real, a long time you no get
nuh Star headline. And see, everybody a talk bout di song now.

But Addi, you haffi careful wha you eat and who you eat from. Cause some girl a
chat nuff tings and all a sey you put ice up in deh and suck it out. We cyaan
sey a true; we just a talk wha we hear and wha you sing bout.
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