40 years behind bar for trio in kidnapping incident

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A kidnapping, which was in revenge for brawl at a wedding in Jamaica, has landed three men in Sheffield, England behind bars for a total of 40 years.

Leslie Noel, James Allen and Matthew Hibbert were convicted of kidnapping, blackmailing and threatening to kill two brothers in what the police believe was a reprisal attack.

Neither Noel, Allen nor Hibbert were involved in the brawl, which took place at the wedding in Jamaica.

However, Allen, a relative of one of the persons injured in the brawl, was asked to seek revenge on a man who was also involved in the disturbance.

Noel, Allen and Hibbert lured their victim to a house on Queen Mary Road in Manor, Sheffield and held him hostage, threatening to shoot him unless they were paid £15,000.

The hostage's brother was also held captive by the trio until he volunteered to get them the cash they demanded.

While he was being taken to get the money, the brother managed to escape by jumping from the moving car.

He raised an alarm.

Noel and Hibbert escaped but Allen was found in the house along with the other hostage.

Noel and Hibbert were held four months later when they again tried to demand money from one of the victims.

The police say they were able to charge the trio for both offences thanks to "persistent and protracted enquiries, the latest technological advances and data-sharing arrangements" as the brother who was involved in the dispute at the Jamaican wedding refused to co-operate with them.

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