What's really going on with producer Kemar 'Flava' Mcgregor and VP?

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VP Records

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Quite frankly, we are getting a bit tired of Flava and his rantings and accusations againt VP Records. He keeps on trying to stir up controversy by making wild accusations against Chris Chin and how VP tief him, but by the time you look around, he takes down the story. And a few weeks later, he jumps up and blasts VP again, only to subsequently erase all history of his accusations.

At one time lava was the main person at Tad's Records, working closely with Tad and doing all his projects. Then he disappeared and linked up back with Chris Chin, pretending that they were BFF's. But it looks as if Flava is kemar McGregor's best  and only friend. Notice how he always sends out a huge picture of himself, regardless of which artiste he claims to be promoting?

Flava, get your act together or everybody will have you as the boy who cried "wolf". Nuff said.

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