Video of Jamaican man beating woman goes viral

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A video on a popular United States website showing a Jamaican man beating a woman has drawn sharp condemnation from two local experts on women's rights.

The video, which up to 6:30 yesterday evening had had more than 170,000 views, is more than six minutes long. The video has gone viral, with more than 10,000 people sharing it on social networking website Facebook in the same time period.

Faith Webster, executive director or the Bureau of Women's Affairs, called the video "disturbing and distressing".

Dorothy Whyte, executive director of the Women's Resource and Outreach Centre (WROC), said she could not watch the video in its entirety due to its content.

"I cannot believe, in this day and age, that a community is condoning violence against this woman," Webster said.

Throughout the graphic video, the incensed man holds the woman and repeatedly hits her in the face and on the body.

The man, who is cheered on by others in the community, also kicks the woman more than once. At one point the woman throws a stone at the man.

At the start of the video, the man is heard cursing the woman for breaking his chain.

At least three times, other members of the unidentified community try to intervene, but that does not stop the fight. The assault finally ends when the victim is dragged away by another woman to her house, while some men in the community hold the enraged man.

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