Trinidad police seize ganja in container from Jamaica

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The Trinidad police are investigating the seizure of more than $18 million worth of compressed marijuana concealed in a 40-foot shipping container which arrived on a vessel from Jamaica.

According to the Trinidad Express, the weed was found at the port of Point Lisas on Wednesday.

The police said the original seal on the container had been replaced with a Trinidad and Tobago Customs and Excise seal.

A total of 10 large luggage bags were found containing 118 packets of the illegal drug, which weighed close to 300 kilogrammes.

Investigators said the original seal of the container was found in a black plastic bag tied to one of the bags containing the drugs.

Officers said they have not been furnished, even though they made repeated requests to Customs officers with any documentation regarding the importer.

Apart from the marijuana, the shipment consisted of power washers and hoses.

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