The Daily Word - Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Photo by Perry Rocky Mountain SunshineGRACE
With God, I co-create my world with grace and ease.

My tasks at home may range from picking up toys to caring for loved ones. My duties at work may vary from the trivial to the essential. No matter my day's activities, with God as my partner, I accomplish them all with grace and ease.

Relationships can present a challenge at times, but today, I speak directly and lovingly with grace and ease. Any rifts of the past or concerns about the future diminish in importance as I hold positive expectations for the interactions of this day.

Every decision, every choice, every relationship brings a gift or opportunity. I gratefully accept each one. With God as my partner, I co-create my world with grace and ease.

Grace is poured upon your lips; therefore God has blessed you forever. --Psalm 45:2
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