Oprah's OWN network in jeopardy

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It's only been around a few months, but the Oprah Winfrey Network, aka OWN, might soon be seeing its end. In fact, sources tell Hollyscoop it's only a matter of time. One TV insider says, "I wouldn't be surprised that the network shuts down in two months."

Two months? We haven't even had a chance to get hooked on OWN's reality shows. Give us some time, producers!

After investing nearly $10 million in advertising, the network just isn't seeing the ratings it hoped for. So OWN recently had a makeover, moving around shows like "Behind the Scenes" and "Master Class".

 "Behind the Scenes", which follows the backstage antics of Oprah's daytime show, has had the most success on the network, so they've rescheduled it from Friday to Sunday night, when most people tend to turn on their TVs.

They've also cut back the number of days they show original programming, going from four days to three.

 "You have to fish where the fish are," a network spokesperson said.

But, unless Oprah finds those fish and garners enough ratings, the network will likely be axed.

This may be why it's now being reported that the Oprah Winfrey show will have its final episode aired on May 25th. The show is in its last season, but could Oprah be taking some time off early to focus on saving OWN?

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