Nationwide ordered to stop playing past episodes of Ragashanti Live

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The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ) has issued a second directive to Nationwide News Network (NNN) in relation to the popular programme Ragashanti Live.

Following an order on Monday to immediately pull the show, the station aired past episodes of the programme on Tuesday, which also drew the ire of the Commission.

It again wrote to the station ordering that the repeat shows cease immediately in that time slot.

The BCJ warned that if this is not done, the non compliance will result in serious sanctions.

The Commission has also declared as false, claims made by the station that it was not given an opportunity to be heard before being ordered to pull the show on Monday.

The BCJ mentioned a meeting with the station's management on March 4, where it was given a deadline of March 11 to reply by letter and explain how the problematic broadcasts went out on air.

The BCJ said NNN replied by that date, but its response to the issue was not satisfactory.              

The Commission has cited close to 20 breaches of the station's user licence.