More jail time for cops accused of raping exotic dancer

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Two of the policemen accused of the gang rape of an exotic dancer will have to wait a while longer to hear if they will be released from custody.

The court, which on Monday heard an application seeking their release, gave investigators until the end of the week to complete their probe of the allegations against them.

"What happened is that the Resident Magistrate (RM) heard the application in respect of the policemen being held in St. Andrew and she has given the investigators until Friday to complete their investigation and submit a file to the Director of Public Prosecutions for a ruling and then on Friday we'll know exactly what the situation is with them," said Peter Champagnie, attorney-at-law representing the accused policemen.

The other two accused cops are being held in St. Catherine.

Mr. Champagnie believes there is no basis for their continued detention.

"That is in a different jurisdiction so it all depends on what sort of evidence they have, if any, in relation to the other two in St. Catherine RM Court. But my view is that if it is that there is no other evidence linking any of them to any offence that is being alleged then there is no basis for their continued detention," Mr. Champagnie added.

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