Kartel and Corey split... Corey tek ova Quad completely -- Oh!

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The Gaza Don de pon TV a boast say him have new business ventures wid a lot of people but him neva tell Jamaica say him business partner already gone into new ventures WITHOUT him too. Wah really a gwaan inna the islant? Corey ah go open up QUAD wid a new Taboo, a new Christophers and a bagga other things and Kartel nah go involved inna dis ya one. Mi no psychic, but mi did smell da one ya ah come. Memba a few weeks ago when no Street Vybz Thursdaze never keep? Well, something big did gwaan over The Building a few days before that when a selector get 20 box, 15 kick and dem out a cigarette pon him skin after him play Bounty Killer 'Nuh Fren Fish'. One ah Kartel entourage punch up the club manager and the club manager punch in back him face and pure tings gwaan, pure bleaching cream and cake soap, rosary beads and tight jeans ah fling all over the place, big bangarang gwaan. Well, two day after that, the club lock up and nobody coulden get in because Corey lock it up wid a cow chain, change the padlock, so crazy people come that night and surprised say the club nah keep. Way down inna the night, dem mussi use a crowbar and tear off the lock but when dem go in, the music system disappear....no club caan keep. Anyway, dem mussi finally meet and work out things because the club start keep back, but now, Ribbi decide say Corey ah the real man, and ask him fi run the Quad so the ting tun up big time again. Mi hear say is a major renovation ah gwaan, Italian tiles, big money spending, and it ah go shot because this ah the club weh the whole ah uptown love. So Kartel ah do him shoes and him sneaker line and him cake soap without Corey , and Corey ah do Quad without him, ah just so it set. Dem collaborate pon Street Vybz and the Building but dem no join together. Oh! Wah really a go happen tonight?
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