J'ouvert morning: paint, mud, chocolate and a heap of wining!

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A Music Truck at Trinidad's Carnival

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To say that Trini's like to party would be an understatement. Carnival festivities have been in motion for close to three months now with carnival 2k11 taking place in March. And one of the most loved sought after feature is the annual j'ouvert bash that kicks off the two days of carnival. Historically, j'ouvert is a term derived from the French when Trinidad was under the French colonial rule over two hundred years ago. Jouvert means jour overt which means opening of the day, and that's exactly what it is. The grand opening of Trinidad's largest spectacle. During the wee hours of the night participants get busy smearing paint, mud and more recently chocolate on one another while dancing behind several dj trucks and 40ft trailer trucks of liquor.
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