HBO To Premiere 'The Sunset Limited' In The Caribbean

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HBO Latin America announced that the HBO Film, The Sunset Limited will premiere in the Caribbean this Saturday (March 5).

Starring Academy Award winner Tommy Lee Jones (No Country for Old Men, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada) and Academy Award nominee Samuel L Jackson (the Iron Man series, Pulp Fiction), the film explores and debates the value of existence.

The Sunset Limited is a searing two-character drama that mixes humour and pathos while examining the relationship between strangers who are brought together by desperate circumstances. Locked in a philosophical debate, both passionately defend their personal credos and try to convert the other.

Set in a New York tenement apartment, the story focuses on two very different men - a deeply religious black ex-con (Samuel L Jackson) who thwarts the suicide attempt of an asocial white college professor (Tommy Lee Jones) who tried to throw himself in front of the Sunset Limited, a Harlem subway train. While one attempts to connect on a rational, spiritual and emotional level, the other remains steadfast in his hard-earned despair.

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