From D Krewe: Carnival with Love!

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To say that YardFlex didn't party hard in T&T would be an understatement. As always, carnival delivers a plethora of colors, culture and beautiful costumes and this year D Krewe's band was no exception. YardFlex was hosting in one of the top medium sized bands to date and every year it seems to get hotter and hotter. D Krewe's band was a mixture of locals and foreigners, gays, straight and in betweens and we all had a ball! When I think of D Krewe, one thing comes to mind and that is FUN! There's a vibe that everybody has that makes this one of the premier and safest bands to spend your carnival experience with. I miss it already......I guess you can say that I have a real 'carnival tabanca' and for my non-Trinis, I'm suffering from severe carnival withdrawl. Oh well, I'll just start my countdown for next year's uper event. By the way, carnival 2k12 is February 20th and 21st. Time to wine!!!