Fantan, a wha really a gwaan wid you and Joe

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Hail the King

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Just when you tink everyting good between Fantan and Joe Bagdonovich, all hell bruk loose. After Fantan gone back a Joe good good, we now a hear sey Joe nah give Fantan no money fi deal wid tings. It so bad till all Fantan vehicle run outta gas on him way fi go do oe interview. We no care wha nobody waan sey, that is disgraceful!

We doan know if a true, but dem a spread rumour sey Fantan sey the baby wha Joe wife Toya have a jacket and Joe a no di puppa. We hear sey Joe hear back and him hopping mad. But why Fantan woulda sey sinting like date eh?

Fantan, if you know certain tings you haffi kibba yuh mout, and if you doan know certain tings then get out of di habit of telling lie. Caue it ca cost you yuh career.


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