D.A. Drops Battery Charges Against Lindsay

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Lindsay Lohan finally caught a break this week--the Riverside D.A. won't charge her for the fight she had during her stint in rehab.

Lindsay and Betty Ford employee Dawn Holland had a little scuffle one night when Lindsay returned a couple of minutes past her curfew, and after initially treating Lindsay like she had murdered someone, the D.A. decided not to pursue the claims.

Prosecutor's spokesman John Hall told CNN: "Our office has completed review of the case, and we will not file charges due to insufficient evidence."

Dawn Holland also decided not to press charges confessing she had been biased against Lindsay "since day one". We heard another story and it had to do with a nice cash settlement.

He said: "The woman who claims she was attacked in the house had it out for Lindsay since day one. She didn't want her to drive and didn't want to give her any passes to go out. This lady tried to do everything she could to not allow Lindsay to do the things she's entitled to."

But of course this isn't the end of Lindsay's legal problems. She still faces a charge of grand theft after allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace. She rejected a plea deal in the case yesterday last Wednesday in exchange for a reduced sentence and now must face trial. Oh Lindsay, will she ever learn?


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