Christina Aguilera Released From Jail

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Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. Steve Whitmore just gave a press conference about Christina Aguilera's arrest and he basically confirmed what we already knew--Xtina was a drunken mess!

"I think you all pretty much know what happened. At 2:45AM a gentleman was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence," he told reporters. Adding that Christina, who was not driving, was also arrested because "she wasn't able to take care of herself. She wasn't belligerent, she just wasn't capable of taking care of herself."

Officers arrested Christina's boyfriend Matt Rutler because he was "clearly intoxicated" around 2:45AM at the intersection of Sunset and Clarke in Los Angeles. "[Christina] was brought here and when she was unable to navigate and think on her own," so she was arrested and "released at about 7:30AM.

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