Charlie Sheen Guitarist Reveals Tour Details

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The person who bought all the Violent Torpedo of Truth tickets and is now trying to scalp them on eBay will finally know what he wasted all his money on.

Filter guitarist, Rob Patterson, is performing in Charlie Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour, and he's revealed some secret details.

Patterson told, "Charlie asked me if I could do some music for his live show. So I locked myself in my studio for about a day and recorded this epic intro for the show, which, people are going to be blown away by, and he loved it."

The audience is going to need something. Because there's only so much old man ranting we can handle. I can no longer tell from his Twitter feeds whether he's crazy talking, or if I'm just Twilliterate.

Apparently, the show will also have a soundtrack, and Patterson says Snoop Dogg

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 will be collaborating.

"He's working on the vocals for the tracks as we speak."

Patterson provides his insight as to why Sheen is doing the show: "I believe that he just wants to get his truth out to people without the filter, no pun intended, of the media. You know, like unadulterated, uncut, raw Charlie."

Between his tweets and short-lived series, Sheen's Korner, I think we get it. Why buy the random babbling when you can get the crazy for free?

Fans seemed to wonder the same thing, because while it was initially reported that his show was completely sold out, it turns out that most of them were bought by scalpers.

Maybe with a rock star and Snoop Dogg on the bill, scalpers can actually make their money back.

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