Buju's lawyer files motion in Florida court

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Buju Banton's lawyer David Oscar Markus has filed a motion in the United States middle district court, Florida division, requesting a new trial for the Jamaican reggae superstar.

The attorney, David Oscar Markus, in a motion for judgment of acquittal pursuant to rules 29 and 33 of the federal rules of criminal procedure, respectfully moves for the entry of a judgment of acquittal or, in the alternative, requests that the court grant him a new trial.

Buju, whose real name is Mark Myrie, was last week convicted of three cocaine-related charges in the United States.

However, in the motion recently filed, Markus said "Mark Myrie respectfully submits that the interest of justice can only be achieved if the guilty verdicts obtained at trial are vacated and a judgment of acquittal entered or, alternatively, new trial ordered."

In the motion, Markus argued that " Myrie reiterates and incorporates by reference his motions for judgment of acquittal made at the close of the government's case and at the close of all the evidence based on the absence of substantial credible evidence sufficient to prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt."

 Markus has argued that the Court must consider whether it is in the interest of justice to let the verdicts stand.

He also pointed to what he said were issues of insufficient evidence presented by the United States Government.

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