Barbados government say Jamaican woman was not 'finger raped'

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Why the people dem in Barbados so lie? After them subject the Jamaican woman to all kinds of mental abuse and finger rape, them turn round and say is lie she telling.  The woman give details how the Barbadian customs officer carry her into a room and tell her to bend over for a cavity search and then dem chuck  her in a cell with two other woman. And the customs officer did just a cuss straight, a tell how she no like Jamaicans and how all dem do is come a Barbados and tek people man.

And now dat it buss open, the Barbados government a mek up story how the Jamaican woman was going to stay with man who involved in human trafficking, that's why dem send neva let her in dem country. But since dem know that this man is involved in human trafficking why dem don't do something about it?

Di woman must sue dem.

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