The return of Fantan Mojah

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Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah is adamant that he will return to his place in reggae music as an educator and cultural ambassador for the youth.
He is gearing up to educate and entertain patrons, who will witness his upcoming performances at the Follow Di Arrow and Spring Break stage shows, and said he plans

to please the crowd with informative, educating and entertaining pieces which will remind and encourage the crowd to keep in tune with their cultural heritage.
"My music is all about upliftment and inspiring people to do right so we just ago bring it to the people on the shows," he told The Gleaner.
As an aside, the artiste, known for hits such as Hail Di King, Mama Hungry and Stronger, is among several artistes who have chimed in on the 'skin-bleaching' debate.
"Wi give thanks for the blackness on the earth, and wi give thanks for the persons dem who proud of them skin because yuh have a lot of persons in this current generation that changing them skin colour. Mi proud of my colour," said Fantan Mojah.
"All some man weh call themself shotta an dem a bleach out dem skin colour di most," he added.
He maintained, however, that he does not have a colour prejudice. He simply believes that if Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and other musical greats could accept themselves for the way they were, then he should too.