The Daily Word - Joy - Friday, February 18, 2011

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I am a joyful expression of Spirit.

I was created in joy. At the moment of my creation, the Universe sang a new song, and I am that joyous refrain. Each of us is a unique expression of one Spirit, a delightfully different

outpouring of God's creativity.
I begin the day in prayer, connecting with the pure joy of my being. During the day, joy bubbles up through me in laughter, compassion, gratitude and a sense of well-being. I share my joy for I know that Spirit has chosen me to be a joyful presence in the world. Joy is testimony of the living, loving Christ Presence in my life.

However the day unfolds, at night I turn once more in prayer and thank God for the opportunities to be and experience joy.

My heart and my flesh sing for joy o the living God.--Psalm 84:2