The Daily Word - I SEE - Thursday, February 17, 2011

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Oceans of spiritual substance flow into my mind, and I see prosperity everywhere.Knowing that the very substance of God-Mind underlies every good thought, I keep my mind open and receptive to divine ideas. No thought or appearance of lack can linger where God is recognized as supply. Therefore I keep my thoughts uplifted.

I realize that I cannot help a single soul by seeing a world suffering from injustice, cruelty and lack. Therefore I see with the eye of faith the good that God provides. By faith I see plenty and prosperity in every circumstance. I see hearts, homes and nations enriched and blessed by the presence of God.

I have faith in God as my Support and Supply. As a child of God, I am rich--rich in consciousness, active in service, sustained in all goodness, substance and satisfaction.

God, our God, has blessed us.--Psalm 67:6