Sexting...a wha dis???

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The first time I received a txt message that had a penis picture attached I nearly fell to the floor. Only to find out later that this not no unusual phenomenon is happening to millions of phones world wide. I call it an extension to cyber sex or better yet the evolution. Now that phones are basically computers, you can chat, take pictures, images, video and BB all from one device. We've all received them, text messages of body parts, positions or even a combination of both. Which also means, that you can get your freak on more easily as well.
Men and women alike seem to take great pleasure in sending 'random' body part pics that seem to set the mood. Buddis and titties are big pon di screen (among other things) in movement and yet we love to go in get our fair share of fun.

I have even heard of women and some 'zucchini action' to simulate a buddi during the texting mode.
But it's not just via the phone or the web. Skype has become the next interactive portal where we share our bodily fluids. Especially when you are able to see in real time, we are good to go!
Facebook is another portal that has become, well a means
for us to have what I like to call 'facebook love affairs'. There are people who have NEVER physically met each other but yet have the greatest sexual attractions and can make you have an O like there's no tomorrow.
People who are in opposites end of the world connecting, communication and yes, having sex. There are so many means today that facilitate that who needs to be in a real relationship? You are just a few clicks away from you sweetie. Set up your webcam, grab the KY Jelly and it's show time.
But it makes us beg the question, what is going to be next? How much more can we evolve where sex from a distance or through a device can still yield great pleasure. We have become so open with our sexuality that what used to be called 'private parts' is not so private anymore.
In fact, I say it's a thing of the past. It's just a tittie right? Or a nipple, or a buddi? We are in a time where we share these photos so openly and carelessly. Even as casual friends we might catch ourselves sending a sexy photo or two, that's how we entice the other person. "I'll send one if you send me one".
Women are just as guilty as men, so me nah bashing or choosing sides. I too have been guilty of sexting and sending some juicy photos as well. I think we've all got so caught
up in the technological aspect that it's almost daring us to push the boundaries further and further. I am open with my body and love myself. I'm not shame to send a pic or two to
someone of interest, I mean, at the end of the day I am the owner of it at the end of the day.
So whether you like to participate in sexting, cyber sex, skype sex which ever I guess we'll have to wait and see what the next method to keep us 'active' is going to be coming from.