Rita Marley’s work in Ghana highlighted by Explore.org

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Rita Marley (third from the right) and members of the Explore.org team in Ghana, (Phot. Explore.org)
As several persons around the world and in Jamaica celebrated Bob Marley’s 66th birthday on Sunday, February 6, an online channel highlighted the work being done by the late King of Reggae's widow Rita Marley.
A team from Explore.org recently did a short film which shined a light on the Rita Marley Foundation and the amazing work that she and her organisation is doing in Ghana.
The Explore.org team joined Rita who is the official Queen of Development (Nkoso-hene) of that region as she walked through Konkonuru, a Ghanaian village that she and her foundation have worked on to rehabilitate building new medical clinic, improving the drinking water and renovating a school in Konkonuru, which Rita now calls home.
This is just one example of her fight against poverty and malnutrition in communities of less developed nations.
According to Explore.org, Rita Marley truly embodies the selflessness, compassion and love that the Marley name has come to symbolize around the world.