Rihanna pushes the boundaries in new video


With the track itself entitled S&M Rihanna's new video was never going to be tame.
But the pop star has really pushed the boundaries in her latest offering, which is strictly adults only.
While her videos are never demure, her latest features the singer in a series of latex outfits engaging in S&M pursuits.
The video was shot by Melina Matsoukas, who also directed her track Rude Boy.
Throughout the video Rihanna is seen poking fun at the media, with the plot set in a mock press conference.
It opens with the 22-year-old dressed in newsprint being dragged into a room full of journalists. She gives an interview from behind a plastic sheet as the reporters scribble away while wearing ball mouth gags.
Soon they are bound by latex tape and lying on mattresses as Rihanna, now wearing latex underwear, writhes around on top of them and whips them as they squirm.
Gossip blogger Perez Hilton even makes an appearance, being led on a leash by the singer, who treats him as a pet while whipping him outside a suburban house.
In other scenes Rihanna is the one tied up as she twists and turns attempting to get free. She also seductively eats pieces of fruit including bananas and strawberries.
She even dresses up as a latex Playboy bunny, hopping around as headlines about her 'daddy issues' are screened.
Finally she heads into the newsroom as the journalists gather round, snapping away.
She seems unconcerned, lying back on a desk and flashing her suspenders.
The new video comes as an American model claimed she had a lesbian affair with a female singer, widely thought to be Rihanna.
While Tajah did not name the Barbadian as the star, she refused to deny that she was her former partner.