Oprah's Ex-Lover Comes Forward

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A Haitian filmmaker recently contacted biographer Kitty Kelley, claiming to be Oprah’s ex-lover. And yes, he’s a man.
His name is Reginald Chevalier, and apparently, he appeared on an Oprah look-alike show in 1985 because he bore a strong resemblance to Billy Dee Williams.

“She later confided that she instructed her producers to keep me backstage after the show,” Chevalier said. “She threatened to fire them, if I got away. She took me to lunch at the Water Tower restaurant and ordered stuffed mashed potatoes for both of us."
The two started dating, and Oprah took Chevalier to the premiere of The Color Purple. “Oprah bought a purple mink coat for the occasion and wanted me to wear purple mink as well but I just couldn't do it."
He didn’t do as he was told? No wonder it didn’t last. If Oprah tells you to wear a purple mink coat, you shut up and do it. Dating her is like joining the Witness Protection Program. You no longer have an identity.
Chevalier also provided more intimate details about their relationship.
“She loved taking candlelit baths before going to bed," he told Kelley. "We took lots of them together."