'Mi Nah Laugh' Set For Sunday

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As the demand for comedy increases, Unexpected Projexz will be hosting its annually held 'Mi Nah Laugh' comedy show on Sunday at the Courtleigh Auditorium, New Kingston.

Promoter and slated comedian, Rohan Gunter, says he takes the business of comedy very seriously, and will continue to market the event internationally.

"I love stand-up comedy and I have been promoting the show for over four years now and the reviews have been great, despite not getting enough corporate sponsors on board, and I am still aiming towards continuous high quality entertainment," he said.

The line-up of comedians includes Christopher 'Johnny' Daley, Gunter, Elva, Dwight Samuels, Leighton Smith, Tubeless, Father and Son, The Hilarious Granny, Mixing Lab, Lecturer and Zimboo.

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