Deejay Lady Saw wants to be removed from the Deejay of the Year (female) category at the upcoming EME Awards.

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According to Saw she doesn't believe her recent music has been played enough to warrant her deserving to be in the category.

The Queen of the Dancehall surprised persons yesterday on social networking site, when she expressed that she wanted to be removed as a nominee for Deejay of the Year. Saw is nominated in the category with contenders such as Tifa, Stacious, Ce'Cile, D'Angel, Timberlee and Spice.

The EME (Excellence in Music) Awards is scheduled to take place on March 12 at Devon House, St Andrew.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, the deejay explained that she has nothing against the awards and will in fact be performing alongside rapper Eve for their song He Is At My House, but still doesn't want to be nominated in that category.

She said, "I just don't think I deserve to be nominated. I have an album out and I can count the amount of times I've heard the songs played. It just wouldn't be fair to nominate me just cause I'm a deejay, I wouldn't feel that I won."

Lady Saw released her album My Way with a video for the first single Party Till December last September. According to the deejay, she is not into award shows and would rather they take her off this year. "Nominate me for summen else, nominate me for the work I've done over the years or summen. Which song I have playing that people know?" she said.

She added, "The main issue is I have an album of 15 tracks, and I only hear Party Till December play one or two times, is like I don't have an album out. If they play me on radio is the old songs like I don't have new songs. Don't know if they're trying to say I'm old school ... I'm not one to complain but it's obvious to me I'm not getting enough airplay. I don't know if I have to be young again or buy some spots, I believe real talent don't have to buy spots."

For Lady Saw she says she would rather be out on the road performing at shows, or in the studio working on a number of new tracks.