Curfew imposed in Portmore community

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The police have imposed a curfew on Braeton Phase Three in Portmore, St. Catherine.
The 48-hour curfew will remain in effect until 6 o'clock Thursday evening.
The boundaries are north along Snapper Avenue from Barracuda Avenue to Braeton Boulevard; south along Whale Avenue from Braeton Boulevard to Barracuda Avenue; east along Barracuda Avenue from Whale Avenue to Snapper Avenue and west along Braeton Boulevard from Snapper Avenue to Whale Avenue.
And the curfews, which were imposed in sections of Spanish Town, St. Catherine have again been extended.
They are due to be lifted at 9 o'clock Thursday night.
Some of the areas covered by the curfews are Burke Road, Salt Pond Road and Lower Oxford Road in the Railway/Dallas Lane communities.
Over in March Pen parts of the Spanish Town Bypass between Dunbeholden Road and March Pen Road are covered by the curfew.
The third curfew is in De la Vega City.
It runs along an imaginary line at the De la Vega City playing field from Port Henderson Road to Salt Pond Road and the Spanish Town Bypass.