Calling Mrs. Mark Myrie!!!


This one is called lover’s choice!! All you girls out there who are just waiting for the Gargamel to get released so you can show him what he has been missing. Well, hold your brakes, cause there’s a Mrs. Myrie tucked away in a corner of Africa and she has emerged for the trial. And so too has the shiny gold wedding band.

But we a wonder why after all this time, the Gargamel finally a admit sey him married and a wear up the wedding band big and bold. All we can say is that must be part of the trial image.
Anyway, we see it inna di picture of Buju and him lawyer posing up in front a di court house. We all see Gargamel and push stroller like the perfect Babyfada.But where is Mrs. Myrie, aka Mama Africa. And Baby Africa? Cause it looks like the baby in the stroller is his manager, Tracii McGregor’s bundle of joy. (But who’s her baby daddy anyway?)