Bounty, Kartel and fans 'mash up' Magnum Follow DI Arrow

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Unruly show goers pelted the stage with bottles Sunday morning, bringing a premature end to Follow The Arrow stage show at James Bond Beach in Oracabessa, St Mary, about three minutes after Bounty Killer took the stage.

Vybz Kartel and Mavado were still to perform but the incident came after rising reggae star I-Octane had earlier showed that he was ready for the big times with a scintillating performance.

The chain of events actually started before Bounty Killer took centre stage as he was involved in an altercation backstage, forcing Ragashanti, the evening's emcee, to urge him (over the microphone) to cool it. 

When Killer took the stage at 5:25 a.m., he proceeded to recognise Black History Month by paying tribute to some prominent black persons including national heroes Nanny and Marcus Garvey and his dance hall protégé Mavado.

Then he referred to what he said was news being circulated that he was going to clash with Kartel by questioning: "How mi an' Kartel fi have showdown? Mi a giant!"

Apparently, supporters of Kartel, incensed by what they believed were disrespectful statements from Killer, hurled bottles, sending patrons into a scramble, hundreds of them heading for the exit, some for the beach area.

After a few minutes, the majority of the crowd, which had remained on the grounds, reassembled, hoping to have a restart. But after a few seconds of activity onstage bottles again rained and once again the crowd dispersed.

A third attempt was made to restart the show, this time when Kartel and some members of his Portmore Empire crew appeared onstage in an attempt to calm the crowd.

But it was not to be, as this time, apparently, supporters of Bounty Killer took matters into their own hands and pelted the stage with bottles, forcing the artistes to make a hasty retreat.


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