Book review: Long Run, Short Catch'.

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This is a wonderful epic story about real life and normalcy at its crusts. It's from the point of view of one of our African sisters with her life stories as the foundation. The events are real, the cross culture is a shock and the lessons learned are priceless. Jamaica gets highlighted in the novel for those who enjoy that feeling and a sense of home 'Long Run, short Catch' does take you to that special spot.

The story is about a Nigerian-American who ventures out to fine happiness on the 'other side' but only comes to find out that the grass really isn't greener on the other side. When the love bug bites it can make you blind which is exactly what

happens when she picks up her Jamaican husband from hell, marries him and starts a roller coaster of unforeseen hurt and disappointment. Immigration is one of the main issues discussed but is so relevant in our westernized society.

This novel has everything from love, romance, scandal, drug cartels and even battles within when you discover how Asama learns to deal. For many of us, our sanity is our only sense of hope yet the easiest thing to lose and how and what we chose to use as coping mechanism can be life altering.

This is a great read for all to take in and honestly, a breath of fresh air! 

Yardflex review says Asama Iwuoha nailed it right on the head.

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