Beenie to the rescue


Beenie Man jumped to the defence of Vybz Kartel this morning during an interview on CVM's Artiste Delight segment saying that he did not support the ban of Vybz Kartel's music during the month of February by IRIE Jam radio's Dubbmaster Chris.

"Dancehall is dancehall, when it comes to hardcore dancehall, I dont support any ban of dancehall music.. If he is sending a bleaching message, I understand why a man would not play it because we love our black skin, and black is beauty, but for you to say that you're not playing dancehall music because Kartel is advocating bleaching is going a bit too far...not all his (Kartel's) songs is about bleaching," Beenie Man told the CVM hosts.

Hmm, wonder if Beenie is trying to get back in Kartel's good books? Cause we neva hear Kartel defending himself afta di article come out in di Star.