Beenie Man defends Kartel

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Despite the tension that is reportedly surrounding these two artistes, Beenie Man has come to the defense of Vybz Kartel.

It was reported in a several articles that a popular radio disc jock in New York will not be playing any of Kartel’s music for black history month, as he believes that Kartel does not respect his heritage.

However, Beenie Man, in a recent interview, spoke out about the disc jocks decision.
"Dancehall is dancehall, when it comes to hardcore dancehall, I don’t support any ban of dancehall music. If Kartel is sending a bleaching message, then he can understand why a man would not play it because we love our black skin, and black is beauty, but for the disc jock to say that he’s not playing dancehall music because Kartel is advocating bleaching is going a bit too far ... not all (of) Kartel songs are about bleaching," Beenie Man said.