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Dancehall artiste Adijah Palmer known as Vybz Kartel who is also an aspiring entrepreneur is distributing his own branded version of the popular Blue Bummer Cake Soap not to forget Street vybz rum and now he getting into fashion.

Our ever so reliable source inside the Gaza told us that Vybz Kartel and his business partner Corey Todd are both looking to start a new clothing line, which will comprise of Sneakers, Jeans, T-Shirts, Casual Footwear similar to Clarks and accessories such as Belt and Dog Tags.

According to the source, the new dancehall fashion line will be called “Addis” and most of the wears will be coming from out China.

“Vybz and Todd a two smart people, and when they come together they come up with some crazy business idea and I know this one will take the dancehall scene by storm, everybody a go wear Addis,” the source said.

Entertainers around the world been doing it for a long time, so Vybz Kartel and Todd is taking the first step in dancehall to build businesses from Vybz Kartel popularity,” the source added.

The exact date of the launch for Vybz Kartel clothing line was not disclose, but our source hinted at the first quarter of 2011.