The Daily Word - FREE - Saturday, January 29, 2011

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Centered in Spirit, I am free.
In the midst of a health challenge or a troubled relationship, I may feel limited, burdened or out of control. These situations, however, give me a chance to consider another way.

When I remain centered in Truth, the love of Spirit flows through me, healing my body, easing my mind, and quieting my heart. I do not focus on "can't," "shouldn't" or "won't." Through the lens of Truth, I see possibilities; limitations fall away.

What I previously viewed as lack or impossibility no longer seems so. I am free to make choices and decisions that support my highest good. I soar, unencumbered by fear, worry, doubt or regret. I am free. Joy fills my soul and blesses my heart.

You were called to freedom, brothers and sisters.--Galatians 5:13