The "Cool fool with the live jive" is dead

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One of the voices that dominated the airwaves of RJR in the early years has been silenced.
Charlie Babcock died in his hometown of Peterborough, Canada, on December 28.
His son - Charlie Babcock Jr. - told his former radio station that his body was cremated on Tuesday afternoon.
"As you know Charlie had a stroke when he was very young - at 38 years old and he has been in rehab in a retirement home since that period . So basically he was the longest living resident of that nursing home. He expired on the 28th peacefully and I was just up there to see him …and he recognised me and asked me about RJR and asked about certain people who worked there and didn't work there anymore" his son disclosed.
Charlie Babcock dubbed "the cool fool with the live jive" dominated the airwaves from the late 1950s into the 1960s.
Charlie came to RJR as a guest Disc Jockey from Canada.
According to information from RJR's archives, Charlie's impact was so great that listeners requested his return on a permanent basis.
Charlie is remembered for his little red convertible sports car, his penchant for attention, gimmicks such as riding a horse to work, and his happy-go-lucky attitude.