Popular Westmoreland DJ allegedly beheaded by friend

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The police in Darliston, Westmoreland, on Monday afternoon questioned a man accused of beheading his friend.

The incident has left residents of that community grief stricken.

Popular Disc Jockey 24-year-old Ryan Longley was doing what he does best, selecting music at a family reunion in Darliston Sunday morning.

An argument reportedly developed between him and a friend over a hat.

It is reported that the friend went away and returned with a machete, then attacked Longley from behind.

Longley was chopped twice in the neck from behind, severing it.

The machete wielder fled while Longley was pronounced dead at hospital.

The 17 year reunion celebration was brought to a premature end and residents say it will never be the same again.

“After 17 years…I didn’t expect this to happen. I am really disappointed…I am really sad about it,” said a resident of Darliston.

Longley's mother is devastated.

“Just the hat, my son bought a hat on Christmas Eve Night and…asked him to lend him the hat and he said he cannot lend him the hat because he has a party to attend and that hat has to go with the suit that he’s wearing…that’s all,” she said, dazed.

With help from family members, the accused man was held in an adjoining community.