People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray

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Murray to Cops: Michael Begged Me For Propofol

In some of the most dramatic testimony to date, an LAPD detective testified Dr. Conrad Murray told him Michael Jackson "begged" him for Propofol shortly before he died.
LAPD Robbery Homicide Detective Orlando Martinez testified about an interview he conducted with Dr. Murray two days after MJ died. Martinez said Murray told him the night before Jackson died he was having trouble sleeping. Murray said he was trying to ween Jackson off of Propofol -- a drug he was giving MJ almost every night for two months.

Murray told Martinez he was giving Jackson a variety of other drugs, beginning sometime after 1AM, to no avail. Jackson then said if he didn't get to sleep he would cancel rehearsal.
Murray said he was feeling "pressure" from MJ to give him something to help him sleep, and Jackson was begging for Propofol. Murray claims he gave him a reduced dose, with Michael's help. As TMZ has reported many times before, Murray said MJ liked to "push in the Propofol himself and that other doctors let him do it."
Murray went to the bathroom for 2 minutes, came back and claims he saw MJ wasn't breathing.