Nuff artiste haffi go find wuk inna 2011

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Put fun and joke aside, 2011 look like the year of ‘do or die’ inna di entertainment industry. We dun know sey CD nah sell and a live performance a dweet, but where are the promoters to kip di show dem? Memba how one time it come in like every month you have all three big show? Dat neva happen last year at all and a nuff artiste white squall tek, even though dem nah admit it. Promoter like Presidential Click outta di biz, and bad to bad, dem always pay artistes when dem work – whether show inna foreign or inna Jamaica.
A whole a 13 regular show neva kip inna 2010, plus, di man dem who don’t have no visa miss out pon nuff food. A only Digicel, LIME and Claro gwaan wid a ting, so it look like sey a dem a di real promoter inna reggae/dancehall business now.
It look real sticky pon di artiste dem. Dem love di high life, dem get used to flossing and feel sey dem hot so dem can stick up promoter fi a bag a money. But the days of fool-fool promoter are coming to an end.
We a recommend dat all who have a lickle skill or know a trade better go brush up, cause promoter a wise up and nah tek dem money throw gi artiste just so.