No bail for Canadian teacher accused of attempted murder

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Forty-three-year-old Canadian teacher Paul Martin, who is charged with the attempted murder of his wife — 34-year-old Cathy-Lee Clayson Martin — was on Friday denied bail when he appeared before the Falmouth Resident Magistrate’s Court for the preliminary trial.
The preliminary trial has been postponed until January 28.
Noting that the evidence against the Canadian teacher was very strong, Resident Magistrate Icolyn Reid turned down an application for bail by defence lawyer Ernie Smith who was partnered with attorney Annmarie Brown Chattoo.
“I consider the good character references of accused man but I am not minded to grant him bail. The evidence against him is very strong. The police may have his travel documents but our borders are not secure. People can get in and out,” the magistrate noted.
In making his case for bail, Smith argued that the police were in possession of Martin’s passport, therefore he should not be considered a flight risk.
Smith also noted that his client was abused by inmates at the Clarks Town lockup where he is being held. The attorney made note of a threat to intensify the physical abuses during the month of February, which is being celebrated as Black History Month.
Last month, during at the beginning of the preliminary trial, Clayson Martin told the court that she and her husband Paul, with whom she has two children, arrived in the island on December 18 and were scheduled to depart on December 23, when the incident took place.
She alleged that she and her husband checked out of the hotel they were staying in at Rose Hall, St James, at about 1:00 pm on December 23, but instead of heading towards the airport in Montego Bay, her husband drove the rented Suzuki motorcar in the opposite direction.
She further alleged that when she queried as to where he was heading, he told her that was going to take pictures from a cliff.
But upon reaching Stewart Castle in Trelawny, her husband allegedly turned off the main road to a secluded spot where he allegedly slashed her throat twice with a knife and attempted to strangle her. She also received cuts to her left thumb for which she received stitches.