Nicki Minaj is Too Famous for London

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Nicki Minaj is on fire right now. She's sooooo huge, she can't even stay in a regular hotel without fans surrounding the property and driving everyone nuts.
Nicki was staying at the super posh Dorchester Hotel in London when fans basically ruined her stay. The hotel got so tired of the Minajians (yes, I made that up) that she was asked to leave.
“Long day of press only to find out we’ve officially been kicked out the hotel! Lmaoooooooo. Rescue me barbz [fans]!!!! Pleeeeeeeasse!” she wrote on her Twitter page.
“Cuz the barbz n paps were camping out n they said my barbz r 2 young. They said yesterday while I was out doing press, a fight broke out and an ambulance was called for 1 of my barbz.”
That's how you know you have some serious star power. She's a Monster star alright!