Mother, sister of slain Clansman member killed in Spanish Town

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The Spanish Town Police are investigating a double murder in an area of St Catherine off March Pen Road known as Africa.
The police say two women were shot and killed shortly before 11 a.m. this morning.
The women are said to be the mother and sister of slain Clansman member Jermaine Morrison o/c ‘Speedy’ a senior member of the Clansman Gang which is based in Spanish Town.
Morrison was killed yesterday after a lone gunman shot him several times in Spanish Town.
The double murder has taken place despite curfews which are now in sections of March Pen Road, Dallas Lane, and Dela Vega City.
A number of persons have been detained in those curfews.
Meanwhile, the police are warning Nevardo Hodges also called Dee Jay and Rowell Jennings also called Jay Jay to turn themselves in by 2 p.m. this afternoon.
The men, who are also said to be members of the Clansman gang, are being sought in connection with yesterday’s killing of their fellow gangmember, Jermaine Morrison.
The police say Nevardo Hodges and Rowell Jennings are armed and dangerous and should be approached with great caution.
Both Hodges and Jennings frequent Hopeful Village, Lakes Pen and Quarry Hill in Spanish Town.