More police officers kicked out of the force

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It's frightening the amount of police officers are being kicked out of the force. Can you imagine these men took vows to serve, protect and reassure and instead they are the monsters in the society.
Eighty-two police officers were kicked out of the force in 2010 as the Police High Command continued its efforts to reduce corruption and unprofessionalism within the ranks of the police force.
Information released by the Police High Command on Sunday shows that 395 police officers were disciplined during 2010 with 82 refused re-enlistment, while the cases of 15 other members are yet to be finalised.
Of the cases finalised and pending, five involved Sergeants, 17 were Corporals, while the other 75 cases involved Constables.
A total of 141 members with disciplinary cases were re-enlisted for periods shorter that the re-enlistment period is five years.
The standard re-enlistment period is five years, however during disciplinary cases; the Commissioner of Police can reduce the period of enlistment.
Fourteen police officers including six Sergeants and eight Corporals had their ranks reduced while 31 others were fined pay days and 38 reprimanded.
Seventeen cops were also convicted on criminal charges while one Sergeant was dismissed as a result of judicial a conviction.
The cases against 13 cops to be dismissed in the public's interest are pending.