More curfews for St Catherine

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The police have imposed curfews in sections of St. Catherine for the second time this week.

The curfews imposed on sections of Dela Vega City, Dallas Lane and March Pen Road began at 7 p.m. yesterday and will continue until 7 p.m. tomorrow.

The police are advising members of the public that during the hours of the curfews, those within their boundaries are required to remain within their premises.

They say exit or entry in areas under curfew will only be permitted by the ground commander.

A curfew was implemented in the three communities on Monday, following the shooting death of a reportedly senior member of the Spanish Town-based Clansman Gang, Jermaine ‘Speedy’ Morrison.

Meanwhile, the police have also imposed a similar curfew for Mona Commons and Elletson Flats in St. Andrew.

A curfew was also imposed in those communities on Monday, following the capture of Christopher ‘Dog Paw’ Linton, who the police listed among the country’s most wanted.