Killa walks free from Hammer Trial


Is either Bounti Killa have a good obeah man or di gal dem who him a beat just fool-fool. Or maybe dem love money more dan dem life. Everytime him beat dem up and dem tek him to court and everybody swear sey ‘yes’ a it dis, Killa must do some time fi di crime… think again. The next ting we know, Killa a walk out a court house a grin from ears to ears. Nutten can go suh? Look how him mek headline when him beat up di girl wid di hammer! And all we a hear now is that di case throw out cause the girl stop come a court. All we know is dat any girl who walk inna any police station and complain sey Bounti beat har up, fi get lock up instantly. Dem gal ya too fool. Killa, gwaan kill dem wid lick.