Keri Hilson Says She Will Never Be The Same After Meeting Lauryn Hill

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“No one understands…I will never be the same” She says.

“Utmost respect 4 Lauryn Hill. So beautiful. Very down to earth. Anyone who knows me knows she’s a huge inspiration to me…I told her 2nite. Said she loves Pretty Girl Rock (SCREAAAM) & her daughter loves me! Said my music embodies a certain confidence women need. I’m so inspired. Only two ppl I ever really wanted to meet are Lauryn Hill & M.J. One down. But the other will never happen”

Keri Hilson has been making news after a controversial music video that skyrocketed her somewhat reserved demeanor to a sex-kitten. The R&B singer released her second album “No Boys Allowed” on December 17 which featured the hit single “Pretty Girl Rock.”