Glen Archer receives help from Ardenne school community

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Spelling Bee and Schools' Challenge Quiz master, The Reverend Glen Archer has been going through kidney dialysis treatments since August last year, and the Ardenne High School students came together with funding to assist their beloved past teacher with his medical costs.
Archer, following nauseating experiences at the sight of food, has been going through dialysis twice a week.
“At the cost of $10,000 per visit. I went to the doctor and he said that it looked like my kidneys weren't functioning properly," The Gleaner reported.
Dialysis, treatment used to cleanse the kidneys of waste, is facilitated by a catheter which has been inserted into Archer's chest.
"This is where they connect the machine," he said, touching his chest just below his right shoulder.
Under the leadership of Ardenne High's Faye Richardson, along with the support of the school body and other donors, the grade-nine students came together and presented Archer with a cheque amounting to more than $500,000.

"These are challenging times for me," said the evidently grateful Archer to the auditorium of students. "I had to fight back the tears and be strong for myself."