Elephant Man says latest album is his best ever

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The self-proclaimed ‘Energy God’ Elephant Man says his upcoming album, Elephant Man:The Saviour of Dancehall, is one of the best albums he has ever done.
The artiste says the album will be laced with a variety of songs; ranging from dance, reality and gangster.
Ele, who has been working on the album for the past six months, says he flows on every beat and fans all over will enjoy it.
On the album, there are songs like “This Is How We Do It” and “Life of the Party” which are collaborations with Bounty Killer, The Reason and Stephen McGregor. Elephant Man is also pleased with the album cover.
Instead of doing a photo shoot, he said he hired an artist to draw the cover.
Ele says the artwork is one thing he definitely knows will make people pick up the album.
Ele has also lent his image to corporate Jamaica and will be featured in a KFC commercial along with Ovamarz and other dancers. The ad should be airing soon.